Sunday, August 22, 2010

SOTD: RMK Stereo

Wow, these are from a while ago.... RMK's last collection maybe? or the collection before that..

I fell in love with them- especially the platform heel, the vintage-chunky look and the little frill-thingys at the front- but I haven't actually worn them that much.... Although, that's not surprising with my collection :P

Sorry about the crappy photos... I thought I had better ones on my computer but it appears not...

Despite the height, they are a rather comfortable heel- they really strap your foot in .. and heels with good ankle support always get my vote! 

I think they were about $139.95 when I bought them.. I'm pretty sure I got them on some sort of sale though. It was initially hard to get them in this cream colour- 'Yoghurt'.. they were also released in black (which was pretty popular and I did consider getting them in black as well... probably a good thing I didn't :P) and a dusky pink colour which didn't really grab me much.

They are more of a quaint, vintage -style heel rather than a 'clubbing' heel so that's probably why they haven't got too much love from me yet.. maybe this summer... with floral dresses or denim shorts and blouses.. Yes, I will keep that in mind! :)


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